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The Basics Country: Mongolia Where is it?: Mongolia is in northern Asia, between China and Russia. Why do people go here?: With vast, empty space, incredible colors, and no paved street or street lights, Mongolia is one of the most isolated countries in the world. Visit before this place gets discovered! What are the main […]
A Visit to the Gobi Desert – Mongolia
A Visit to the Gobi Desert – Mongolia Jacqui Thompson decided that she was guilty in a s
Searching for Something #20: Into the Great Wide Open – Gobi Desert and Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia
A camping/driving trip from Ulaan Baatar to the Gobi Desert and back is full of locals, animals, huge tracts of land, and mutton overload.
The Thermal Trip #3: The Trans-Siberia Journey – Moscow to Beijing via Mongolia
Melanie found six days of nothing to do on the train except watch the world go past is a luxury she would recommend to everyone.
The Thermal Trip #2: The Russia Experience – Russia
The Russian winter lived up to its reputation, but the vodka glasses were never left empty for long.
The Year of Living Differently #9: Train-Shopping – Ulaan Baator, Mongolia to Irkutsk, Russia
The Trans-Mongolian Railway meant many days on the train with its interesting Mogol traders. It also meant crossing into a new continent and a new city at the end, Moscow
The Year of Living Differently #8: Mong-Struck – Ulaan Baator, Mongolia
Trisha has some of her best experiences on this trip so far with a Mongolian family in their ger. However, her travel companions have a bad time of it with pick-pockets
Worldwide with Wee-Cheng #62: How Some Singaporeans Became Local Stars on the Steppes – Mongolia
The search for tarveg continues, but see what happens in the Orkhon Valley when Wee-Cheng partakes of a little too much arkhi and airag.
Worldwide with Wee-Cheng #61: In Search of the Furry Mongolian Groundhog – Karakorum, Mongolia
Autumn is the time for delicious tarveg, a Mongolian specialty for their own groundhog day.