Morocco Travel Articles

The Walk – Morocco, Africa
The Walk – Morocco, Africa After six of the roughest months of his life, A. Lee Fuller decided that on his 40th birthday, he would "take a walk" to clear his head and celebrate life.
Moroccan Moments – Africa
Moroccan Moments – Africa There was never a dull moment in Paola Evans Fernández's two-week trip to the North African continent.
Morocco, Part 2 – Africa
Morocco, Part 2 – Africa Something about the desert makes Alyson Peel feel she belongs there. It has captured her heart; it is in her blood. Read why.
Morocco, Part 1 – Africa
Morocco,  Part 1 – Africa Alyson Peel journeys through Morocco, sharing some of her thoughts and experiences.
Ponderings on a Bus – Morocco, Africa
Long term travel isn't always fun. Sherry Ott takes time to reflect while on a doomed bus ride through Morocco.
Sand in every Orifice: The Sahara – Morocco, Africa
Sand in every Orifice: The Sahara – Morocco, Africa

Have you ever wanted to see what it's like to be a nomad and wander the desert on a camel? Sherry Ott describes her recent journey through the Sahara Desert where it rains sand.

An American in Morocco – Africa
Ana Berry was glad she had come to this part of the world, and felt sad to leave it. Wonder why.
Holed up with the Police in Ouarzazate – Morocco
Lizabeth Smith befriends the Moroccan police.
The Beatnik Path – Portugal and Morocco
Tom Spurling ventures from Portugal into Morocco, and comes home again with his tail between his legs.
Escape to Casablanca – Casablanca, Morocco
Escape to Casablanca – Casablanca, Morocco home_july8_casa.jpgJennie Eng searches fo