Moscow Travel Articles

Moscow, Russia – Transport
Moscow, Russia – Transport From the Airport Most international flights arrive at Shermetyevo-2 airport. If you’ve booked accommodation, they might arrange to pick you up – confirm this and make sure you have their phone number! On your own? The very best bet is to call Taxi Blues at +7 095 128 5957 /9477 /7763. Give them your flight […]
Moscow, Russia – Money and Laundry
Moscow, Russia – Money and Laundry Money Five Rubles The official currency is the Russian ruble (p) and the unofficial currency is the US dollar ($). The only legal tender is the ruble. There are change kiosks (Obmyen balooti) every few steps it seems, they usually post their exchange rates on big signs outside. Just put your dollars in the drawer, […]
Moscow, Russia – Accommodation
Moscow, Russia – Accommodation There are three basic types of accommodation in Moscow: hostel, Soviet hotels, and expense account. The best thing, of course, is to stay with friends. For a wealth of information, try G&R International, they can organize every type of accommodation. Russian wooden house The Russian Home homestay program starts at $20/night with lots of extras […]
Moscow, Russia – June 1999
Celebrate Two Centuries of Pushkin in June June 6 is Pushkin’s two hundredth birthday, and every shop in Moscow is already displaying his picture. There will be lots of celebrations around the city that day. A sure spot to hear people reciting Pushkin (and see lots of flowers) is at the base of the Pushin […]
Moscow, Russia – May 1999
Spring has finally come to Moscow! Well, in theory at least. There are now leaves on the trees, but bring a warm jacket, because there are still unexpected snow flurries! DachasThe first weekend in May is traditionally the time when Muscovites leave the city and head out to their dachas (summer houses) to start their […]