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So You Want to Mine Coal: Gebo, Wyoming – Gebo, Wyoming, USA
So You Want to Mine Coal: Gebo, Wyoming – Gebo, Wyoming, USA November 2001 – Wyoming Ghost Towns So You Want to Mine Coal: Gebo, Wyoming Gebo’s graveyard reveals the miners’ struggle. He was exploited, worked long dangerous hours underground; meager pay fed his family; social security didn’t exist; labor laws were practically non-existent – and a canary provided life insurance. Think of him when modern office […]
October 2001 – Sweetwater, Part I – Wyoming Ghost Towns
Autumn Gold in the Sweetwater Mining District,Part I Head frame and main shaft building above one of many abandoned South Pass City area mines. Gold exists in two forms: material and spiritual. During Wyoming’s early years the former attracted miners westward in hopes of striking it rich. Today however, the towns these hardy folks established […]
Japan’s WW II Balloon Bombing of Western National Forests – Wyoming Ghost Towns
WW II’s Casper Army Air Field kept watch in Wyoming. An abandoned gunnery range tower still stands. Riverton, Wyoming September 11, 2001 and December 7, 1941: dates that will live in infamy. Like its 1940s counterpart the September World Trade Center and U.S. Pentagon terrorist bombings have jolted Americans into reality. As with the Japanese […]
Jeffrey City – Wyoming Ghost Towns
A Forgotten Communities Primer:Jeffrey City, Wyoming’s Post-Industrial Ghost Town A derelict Jeffrey City street corner. Mention the American West, and pretty soon talk turns to ghost towns. If you’ve never actually seen one its concept is familiar: You know, Festus and Matt ride into a deserted false-front main street, in a howling gale that blows […]
Zion National Park, Utah – July 1999
The canyons of Zion were a holy place to the Paiute Indians. When the canyon was later settled by Mormon pioneers, they gave holy names to this land. When you enter Zion National Park, it’s easy to see why. Fed by the waters of the Virgin River, Zion is an oasis in a vast desert […]
Escalante National Monument, Utah
The Escalante National Monument is a gigantic, rugged, almost untamed desert wilderness. Most of it is extremely remote and accessable by 4WD only. I was not planning to go there, however a group of people I met while hiking the Zion narrows convinced me there were some things to see. What can I say: when […]
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah – July 1999
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah – July 1999 Hoodoo – a pillar of rock, usually of fantastic shape, sculpted by erosion. These are what Bryce Canyon is all about. Hoodoos. Lots of them. In all kinds of crazy and beautiful shapes, sizes and colors. The park is basically comprised of a long road that connects a series of breathtaking vistas. This is the […]
Priest Lake, Idaho, USA – May 1999
Many folks in the northwest United States know about the beauty and isolation of Priest Lake, Idaho. However, if you have not heard about it – and you love deep woods, a huge lake with secret little coves, and most fabulous summersÂ…Priest Lake could be your next great discovery! Located just south of the Canadian […]