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Indie Travel in Mozambique for $45 Per Day
Indie Travel in Mozambique for $45 Per Day Mozambique has some of the most beautiful beaches, best diving and off-the-beaten-path adventures that Africa has to offer.
Gweru, Zimbabwe – Big Brother’s African Brother
Gweru, Zimbabwe – Big Brother’s African Brother Big Brother's African Brother: Tom metamorphises into Joy Adamson as he walks
with lions in the bush, while Sue investigates why Zimbabwean men are ...
Blantyre, Malawi to Harare, Zimbabwe – Big Brother’s African Brother
Big Brother's African Brother: Concerned out the danger to travelers in unsettled
Zimbabwe, Sue relies on information from other travelers and the safety in ...
History in the Sand – Mozambique, Africa
Caroline Cowan explored the north part of Mozambique, where history and suntans go hand in hand.
Talking Clichés – Topuito, Mozambique, Africa
While on a trip to a couple of small islands off the northern Mozambican coast, Caroline Cowan discovers that even though it is a cliché, paradise does exist.
Death in Maputo – Maputo, Mozambique, Africa
Lee Abbamonte and his friend were totally revolted by what they saw in the main bus terminal. Yet, the locals seemed not to notice.
Millions of Arms – Beira, Mozambique and South Africa
Melissa Lambert and her husband volunteer at an orphanage in Mozambique.
Melting Pot of Cultures – Maputo, Mozambique
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Mozambique Travel Facts
The Basics Country: Mozambique Where is it?: Mozambique sits in south eastern Africa across from Madagascar on the Indian Ocean Why do people go here?: A fter a long civil war, Mozambique is taking a step forward and starting to promote tourism and democracy, which in return means foreign investment. Like other Indian Ocean countries […]
Mozambique Embassies and Consulates – Mozambique
Mozambique Embassies and Consulates South Africa Pretoria (Embassy): 199 Beckett Street, Arcadia, tel (+ 27 12) 343 784, fax 343 6714. Johannesburg: 252 Jeppe St, 7th fl Cape York building tel (+ 27 11) 336 1819; Cape Town: 45 Castle St, 7th fl, tel (+ 27 21) 26 2944; Durban: 320 West St, 5th fl, […]