Nairobi Travel Articles

Nairobi, Kenya (8 May 2002)
After determining that the Democratic Republic of Congo might be a "bit iffy", Al is taking some loafing time in Nairobi before he gets back on the bike to Tanzania.
19: The Giraffe Near the Airport… – Diary of a Single Girl – Nairobi, Kenya
In Nairobi never trust a tout, look out for hookers and muggers, and remember that sometimes tears are all you need against predators.
Big Brother’s African Brother #24: Nairobi, Kenya to Arusha, Tanzania
Three truck mates leave in Nairobi and three new truck mates replace them. Penny ponders how to create a gluten/wheat-free, vegetarian, vegan and meat version of the same dish.
Big Brother’s African Brother #22: Nakuru to Nairobi, Kenya
The group are instructed to clean the truck in preparation for the three new truck mates. Hope they appreciate it.
Big Brother’s African Brother #23: Nairobi, Kenya
Close contact with elephants and giraffes and in the evening, the group splurge on a night out to Carnivore, but Tom and Penny refuse to go.
Big Brother’s African Brother #3: Leaving Home – Nairobi, Kenya
Penny's fear of being mugged as soon as she stepped off the plane in Kenya prove unfounded and she also meets her truck-mates for the first time.
Nairobi to Siakago (1 of 2) – Kenya
John Barth details the bumpy road trip he took in
Nairobi to Siakago (2 of 2) – Kenya
Nairobi to Siakago (2 of 2) Kenya The matatu stage in Embu was surprisingly large for such a small town. Located directly next to the town market, it was a large, dusty (naturally) field filled with minibuses, trucks, and Peugeots. Jamie walked directly to the matatus heading to Siakago. All the drivers (no conductors on […]