Nancy Bevilaqua Travel Articles

Southern California is not the East Coast – Carlsbad, California, USA
In spite of their differences, Nancy Bevilaqua and her mother managed to get their fixes while navigating the treacherous mountain passes of family relationships.
My Night Out in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Nancy Bevilaqua's party days are mostly past, but she still manages to be dragged out with the lure of seeing Santo Domingo at night.
Belfast Beyond the Peace Line – Belfast, Northern Ireland
Nancy Bevilaqua's fascination with the idea of Ireland and the unending struggles of its people, leads her to Belfast to discover the realities of life for residents there.
Hang-Gliding in the Land of the First Flight – Outer Banks, North Carolina
Nancy Bevilaqua deathly fear of flying in planes doesn't, interestingly enough, translate to a fear of hang-gliding.
Malik Enti? – Egypt
Nancy Bevilaqua's stay with her boyfriend's family in Egypt is anything but what she expected.
To Zero and Back: On the Road Where the Wild Things Are – Florida Keys, U.S.A.
A trip to the Keys teaches Nancy's family about mo
Three Ways of Seeing Flamenco in Sevilla – Seville, Spain
Flamenco seduces the heart and soul of Nancy Bevil