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The Used Car Ferry – Sea of Japan
Although Rowena Lambert initially questioned her decision to take a boat from Fushiki to Vladivostok based on the strange process involved and the sketchy travellers on board, she was glad she did.
Eye Love Shopping – Beijing, China
Can you see yourself getting excited about shopping for prescription glasses? Lynne Reynolds found a market that did just that.
In the Shadow of Progress – Kaifaqu, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China
In the Shadow of Progress – Kaifaqu, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China home_jul06_shadow.jpgColin Peters learn
Three Minutes to the Inn – Nasu Shiobara, Japan
Alan L. Haynes describes his lighthearted tale of travel misadventures in rural Japan.
Curious Cuisine in Hong Kong – Hong Kong
"Bite and suck," Tami tells Ellen Peneski, her umber eyes wide with anticipation.
Korea in the Buff – Busan, Korea
Riding the bullet trains, storming Lotte Department Store, swallowing slugs--all rank as first-rate memories from a recent whirlwind trip around Korea. But it was Jann Huizenga's solo foray into Hursh
A Walk on the Wild Side in China – Beijing, Jinan, Suzhou, Shanghai – China
Lucas Aykroyd discovers different cultural norms in driving habits, cuisine, and marketplace negotiations while traveling through China.
Tomorrow Never Knows: The New Face of Chinese Rock Music – Xinxiang, Henan Province, China
Thanks to timing and the Beatles, Tom Pellman becomes a weekend roadie for one of the worst bands in China.
Asian Opposites: Japan to Cambodia – Japan, Thailand and Cambodia
Dean Moriarty heads to Cambodia and arrives at what looks like an Asian version of Las Vegas.
A Morning at Peace – Nagasaki, Japan
A Morning at Peace – Nagasaki, Japan home_march16_peace.jpgNagasaki has so