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The Midnight Epress To Xian – Xian, China, NE Asia, Asia
This was the first time Bruce McDonnell Davis and his wife bedded down on a train with a woman they didn’t know and her big man, a geologist.
Back to Kunming – Yunnan, China
China just is immensely densely populated and there is hardly any place that has not been altered by acts of humans.
Pleasures of Chinese Air Transport – Kunming, Yunnan, China
Juha Uitto navigates the chaos of air travel in China.
Sakura-no-Yu – Mizusawa, Iwate, Japan
Juha Uitto enters an onsen, where he hot mineral water that smelled like sulphur would melting the knots in strained muscles.
South West China In Depth #2: In Search Of Shangri-La – Yunnan Province, China
What a homestay in a small village of China's Yunnan province revealed to Yan Chun Su.
Southwest China In Depth #1: Village of the Drum Tower – Guizhou Province, China
Yan Chun Su traveled to a remote village in southwest China looking for history and culture. She found that and more.
Two Sides of the Hard Seat – Southwest Region, China
Yan Chun Su experiences a reality show on a long train ride on the "hard seat" class in China.
Communist Secrets – Beijing, China
Longer than the Great Wall of China. Secret, underground access to key sites around Beijing. Room to house 300,000 people. The Beijing Underground City. What you don't know about the communists ca
Climbing a Tree to Catch Fish – China
Inspired by the fear of malnutrition and other travel disasters, Cheryn Flanagan got the pen and paper out and began to produce 'survival cards': slips of paper with Chinese characters copied from the
Togrogging in Mongolia – Mongolia
With a small bakery worth of bread, some Trans-Mongolian train cuisine, crates of water, 2 drivers and bags of apples and mandarins to take the edge off off their favourite Mongolian vodka, Alan Foxto