Nepal Travel Articles

Trekking Nepal – Asia
Trekking Nepal – Asia Demitry Majors explains what trekking Nepal really means - a dream, foreign and obscure, or a not too out of the ordinary experience, especially for one who has been on a long hike.
Downhill Journey to Kathmandu – Nepal, Asia
Downhill Journey to Kathmandu – Nepal, Asia

Barry Rogge and friends had a long, arduous, but fascinating car trip from the Tibet border to Kathmandu.

The Thorung La Special – Nepal, Asia
A Tibetan mastiff puppy, a pied piper monkey, and a 10-year old innkeeper contribute to making the great thorung la special for Steven Cho.
Getting to Nepal – Asia
Traveling in the Third World can test one's patience, add stress to one's life, or be riotously funny. Some trips combine all three - this one did for Don Lynch.
The Wondering Sailor – Mt. Everest, Kathmandu, Nepal, Asia
Ian Wallace climbed Mt. Everest. When he got to the top, he writes, "Mt. Everest - in all its glory! What a joke!"
Goats and Goddesses – Kathmandu, Nepal
Goats and Goddesses – Kathmandu, Nepal home_jun06_goats.jpgAmanda Peskin ponder
Explore Nepal: The Shangri-La – Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal
Travelling on your own in Nepal can be your life-time experience. Enjoy this one month trip from the hi-tech city Kathmandu to the natural wonders of mountains above 8000 meters in 30 days!
Increasing Height of the Everest and Maoist Insurgency – Tingla Village, Solukhumbu District, Nepal
Santosh Giri discovers bullets stronger than ballet in the worsening Maoist insurgency in Nepal.
Go To Nepal and Enjoy Its Beauty – Nepal
Kamala Sarup encourages travel to Nepal, saying that tourism is necessary to help the country flourish.
Random Thoughts from a Jetlagged Mind – Tahachal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Danielle Stephens sits on a rooftop, enjoying the sites and sounds of Tahachal.