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Art Walk America: Guide to Art Museums in the USA – USA
Art-loving intern Vanya Akraboff waxes on about why museums in the United States are worthy of your attention and which ones you should visit.
New Yorker’s Private Weekend Escape – Stonington, Connecticut, New England, USA
Teri Buhl relaxes with the palpable feeling of community that you notice in this small New England village turned seaside weekend escape.
About Vacationing in Maine – Maine, USA
Sandy Jenkins thinks the opportunities are endless in Maine.
Salem Maritime National Park – Salem, Massachusetts
The Salem Maritime National Park, spread over nine acres, will have you dusting off memory molecules and recalling the basic explanations of "triangular trade" and the role of privateering during the
White Mountain National Forest – New Hampshire
At New Hampshire's scenic national forest, there's something for everyone - even dog-sledding.
An Island A Day – Casco Bay, Maine
If you are looking for a little less populated destination then you have literally hundreds of choices in Casco Bay.
Romantic Kennebunkport – Kennebunkport, Maine, USA
Romantic Kennebunkport – Kennebunkport, Maine, USA Artwork by Lily Goldman Romantic Kennebunkport Kennebunkport, Maine Kennebunkport – what an unusual name for a town! According to the town’s historical society the name is of Native American origin. It translates from kini-banek “long cut bank,” and refers to the “Great Hill” or a grassy high cliff projecting into a large body of water. […]
Maine, New England – Maine Summer Theatre
Maine Summer Theatre Summer theatre, often called “summer stock”, originated when those with influence decided to bring their own entertainment to the towns where they summered. Now, however, it is the visitors themselves who travel to towns throughout New England to see the musicals, dramas and Shakespearean productions that proliferate during the summer season. If […]
Maine, New England – November 2000
Maine, New England – November 2000 Sponsored by Soon the Snow Will Fly Up here in Maine it is time to begin preparing for the winter and, for me, that includes making plans for winter travel. Maine offers many diverse winter activities, the traditional and the not so traditional. Ever been ice fishing? How about skijoring? In this column, and over […]
Maine, New England – Lighthouse Bicycle Tour
Lighthouse Bicycle Tour Lobsters, lakes and lighthouses – Maine offers a profuse collection of all three. Now that spring has finally arrived, more or less, here in Northern New England, dig out that bike, or rent one and tour three wonderful lighthouses and their neighboring attractions, including historic forts and relaxing beaches. Portland is the […]