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Auckland Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Auckland Where is it located?: Auckland is located two-thirds of the way up New Zealand’s north island, on the west coast/Tasman Sea. Why do people go there?: New Zealand’s largest city and it’s only claim to, um, nightlife. Gateway to New Zealand, especially the Bay of Islands. Home to the best […]
New Zealand Travel Facts
The Basics Country: New Zealand Where is it?: Oceania, islands in the South Pacific Ocean, southeast of Australia Why do people go here?: Lord of the Rings! It’s where the hobbits live! For those less LOTR inclined, there is the staggering natural beauty of mountains, glaciers (you can hike ‘em!), lakes and rock formations. There […]
Christchurch, New Zealand – May 1999
Christchurch, New Zealand – May 1999 Introduction to Christchurch and some great things
Christchurch Nutz and Bolts
City Name: Christchurch Where is it located?: Christchurch is located on the east coast of the South Island, on the South Pacific Ocean. It is about a third of the way down the coast of the south island. Why do people go there?: There’s a lovely central square and cathedral and a number of duty […]
Wellington Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Wellington Where is it located?: Wellington is located at the southern tip of the North Island, on the Cook Strait. Why do people go there?: As the capital of New Zealand, Wellington is home to an impressive number of sharp-looking museums and a decent amount of nightlife�at least on the weekends. […]