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Eugene, Oregon – September 2001
For music, booze and food, Chez Ray serves it all up in downtown Eugene. An Interview with Chez Ray Eugene has attracted many interested and talented people over the years. This is partly due to Oregon’s relaxed atmosphere, as well as Eugene’s proximity to San Francisco, especially the counter-culture revolution that occurred there in the […]
Manila to Hong Kong on $1 (2 of 2)
After many hours of restlessly shifting around on my row of 4 plastic chairs and watching plane after plane load up and people leave, things began to quiet down. Night had fallen, and everyone seemed to accept that nothing was going to happen for a while. The airline counters were closing for the night, the […]
Manila to Hong Kong on $1 (1 of 2)
Putting the "budget" in budget travel, Nick O'Neil
Santa Barbara Pictures
Santa Barbara Pictures Mission Santa Barbara. A secluded beach accessed by wooden staircase from the Mesa. Spanish style courthouse. Entrance to the downtown El Paseo shopping mall. A bloom brightens the day. The Paradise Cafe. Owner Tina Takaya outside Brigitte’s on State St. An elegant Spanish tile. The corner of State & Haley is a hub of Old […]
Santa Barbara December 2000
December is an excellent time to visit Santa Barbara, the skies are clear, the temperatures in the 70’s and there is a festive air. As usual I made my annual trip down from Oregon by plane via San Francisco to spend Christmas with my relatives. Santa Barbara is an expensive place to fly into as […]
Arriving in Hong Kong (5 of 5)
One afternoon I bumped into the guy who had directed me to my guest house, the English guy Dave. He told me he was representing a Chinese tailor’s shop and would stand on the busy street trying to lure customers into the shop. I told him my situation and he suggested I should work for […]
Arriving in Hong Kong (4 of 5)
The following day I phoned my parents in England. I had a small amount of cash in a bank account and needed it. I went to a booth on Nathan Road and after getting through to England heard the message, “This number is no longer in service.” My God! I thought, breaking out in a […]
Arriving in Hong Kong (3 of 5)
For those who’ve never had the thrill of landing at the old airport in Hong Kong, ‘Kai Tak’ was better than any amusement park ride. You enter Hong Kong airspace from the west, fly over the outer lying islands, then make a steep right bank to land in downtown Kowloon. Let’s get this straight: not […]
Arriving in Hong Kong (2 of 5)
I knew there was an area called Khao San Road in the west of the city that was a haven for backpackers. I boarded a bus outside the airport and rode it downtown. When in the center of town I noticed we were stopped at a large intersection. I took this opportunity to jump off […]
Arriving in Hong Kong (1 of 5)
There are many ways of finding work in Hong Kong w