Nikki Vargas Travel Articles

Confessions of a Reformed Spender
Confessions of a Reformed Spender I once read that saving money is a lot like getting in shape–it’s not enough to swap a salad for a pizza slice here and there, you really have to commit and just choose to eat healthy and visit the gym. Saving money for travel is similar in that you have to choose to save money and put your purchases into perspective. Although I am a reformed spender (who occasionally relapses with the impulse purchase at Duane Reade) these tricks have come a long way in helping me save for my adventure.
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Traveling with Friends
Traveling with Friends All too often I have heard people lament their group of friends for letting their travel plans fall through due to getting “complicated.” I have found that planning a group trip is more manageable when tackled in parts rather than all at once. Consider this your guide.
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