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New York on the Cheap – Hotels That Won’t Make You Feel Poor – NYC, New York
Keith Christiansen gives his picks for the top places to stay in the Big Apple.
The Colorful Life: Zante’s Indian Pizza – San Francisco, California
Cindy Meyers ventures to the restaurant the San Francisco Guardian called "Best place to order food from if one of your friends wants Indian food and another wants pizza."
Acapulco News – Mexico
Acapulco News – Mexico Jojo Jones offers brief updates on what is going
Puerto Vallarta – Summer 2004 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta – Summer 2004 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico JR highlights a new restaurant in town and remarks
Victoria, BC – The Harbour Towers Hotel
Victoria, BC – The Harbour Towers Hotel The Harbour Towers Hotel has been around for quite some time, but it’s just undergone a complete makeover with totally refurbished rooms and lobby area. Colors are soft teals, purples and burgundy. It’s conveniently located within walking distance of the Inner Harbour with its attractions and ports of entry. The upper floors of this 12-story […]
Victoria, BC – Crossing the Border
Canada Customs and Immigration Citizens or permanent residents of the United States require birth or baptismal certificate, voter’s registration card, resident alien card, green card or passport to enter Canada. A driver’s license is not accepted as proof of citizenship. All other international visitors require valid passports, and, in some cases, visas. All persons entering […]
Victoria, BC – Plush Places
Historic Inns Awarded Five Star Rating by Canada Select Short of looking under the dust ruffles, I couldn’t find anything to dispute the five star rating given to these inns by Canada Select. They were all immaculately kept, beautifully appointed and clearly appreciated by guests. However, it is well to remember that these are historic […]
Victoria, BC – Climate
Officially, Victoria’s climate is “sub-Mediterranean” – it’s supposedly moderate all year-round with eight months frost-free. The saying around here is, if you don’t like the weather, wait half an hour – it’ll change. It’s all due to Victoria’s location, perched on the Pacific and open to the vagaries of the fronts that sweep across the […]
Victoria, BC – Ocean Pointe Resort Hotel and Spa
Victoria, BC – Ocean Pointe Resort Hotel and Spa The Ocean Pointe Resort Hotel and Spa’s ambiance begins with its location on Victoria’s Inner harbour and continues in the elegant lobby with its gas burning fireplaces. The picture postcard views, from the lobby’s large glass windows across the water to the Parliament Buildings and the Olympic Mountains are unrivaled. It’s fun just to sit […]
Victoria, BC – August 1999
G’Day. This is a joint report on Victoria in August by a visitor and a resident. We hope we can pique your interest in visiting this wonderful city sometime. The Waterfront It will become evident, along the water, that this is truly a tourist mecca. Especially for older folks…or can we say that is is […]