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Travels Through Northern Ireland – Belfast, Northern Ireland
David Wilkening avoids The Troubles and discovers Belfast to be a vibrant, welcoming city.
How an Irish Fender Bender Can Land You in a Belfast Jail – Belfast, Northern Ireland
On a trip to Belfast, Rebecca Cook hardly expects a minor fender bender to land her husband in jail.
In Love With Derry – Derry, Northern Ireland
In Love With Derry – Derry, Northern Ireland home_june17_derry.jpgIn Ireland it's ha
Belfast Beyond the Peace Line – Belfast, Northern Ireland
Nancy Bevilaqua's fascination with the idea of Ireland and the unending struggles of its people, leads her to Belfast to discover the realities of life for residents there.
A Celtic Solstice – Belfast, Northern Ireland
Kathryn Preston embarks on a quest to learn more about her heritage, her people and herself.
The Year of Living Differently #13: Book, Cod and Two Smoky Bars – Giant\’s Causeway, Northern Ireland
Trisha had a few quintessential English experiences while in London: fish'n'chips in the pub, a Shakespeare play in the The Globe, and visiting a museum for free.
Belfast: Worth Discovering – Belfast, Northern Ireland
Kay Bozich Owens discovers that the people of Nort
Brillant Belfast – Belfast, Northern Ireland
Brillant Belfast – Belfast, Northern Ireland For a city with a reputation of violence and car b
Cindy’s UK Tour #4: The Quest for the Pot of Gold – Dublin, Northern Ireland
Exploring this amazing natural phenomenon, combined with a great hike, makes for an awesome day trip.
Cindy’s UK Tour #5: The Giant’s Causeway and the Legend of Finn McCool – Ballycastle, Northen Ireland
A few days in Dublin to delve into some history, visit U2's Kitchen and sample Guinness straight from the source.