Northern Territory Travel Articles

What Do Travellers Do All Day?: #16 – La Bella Vita – Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
Encounters with colourful people make for one too many surreal conversations - there's even a song about one of them: "A Tosser Called Tony".
What Do Travellers Do All Day?: #17 – Tourist Impersonator – Darwin to Cairns, Australia
Before she snags another bus, Meg's partying in Cairns, diving the Reef and braving the road more traveled.
Drenched in the Desert – Northern Territory
It's supposed to be the desert and the tent is wat
The Buddha’s Striptease #10
The Buddha’s Striptease #10 Todd swaps cars, and swaps the Outback for Adelaide and Melbourne, but his heart is still in the bush. He might stay, he might leave Oz, but no matter, no worries.
There And Back Again…Maybe #7
There And Back Again…Maybe #7 Australia's Red Centre is a desert, right? Apparently one that gets it's fair share of rain, as Sophie discovered. Who ever thought deserts were green?
Chasing Horizons #27: Off the Rails – Continuing Down the Track
South Australia is the driest state in the driest country on the driest continent. Fortunately for Phil, there are pubs along the way.
Chasing Horizons #25: Pub Crawling Down the Track – Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
The distance between Darwin and Alice Springs is huge. Phil's tour company breaks up the monotony by stopping at almost every pub along the way.
Chasing Horizons #26: The Red Centre and an Australian Icon – Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
Visiting the big red rock, Uluru, meant Phil had accomplished one of the major reasons for his trip.
Chasing Horizons #23: Into The Top End – Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
Chasing Horizons #23: Into The Top End – Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia Phil discovered Darwin's interesting history while still finding time to enjoy the nightlife of the Northern Territory's capital.
Chasing Horizons #24: Kakadu Dreams – Northern Territory, Australia
Phil ventured out with crocodiles, swam in billabongs, ate buffalo sausages and fought off flies during a three day tour of Kakadu National Park.