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Mural Madness – Welland, Canada and York, USA
Mural Madness – Welland, Canada and York, USA Tony Porco compares the historical murals of York and Welland.
Ontario, Canada – May 1999
Ontario, Canada – May 1999 How to celebrate a dead monarch! I am already excited. The May 24 long weekend is coming. That date has particular resonance for Ontarians. "We are amused." Officially, it commemorates the birthday of Queen Victoria on May 24, 1819. After her death, we celebrated her birthday to show loyalty to the British Empire. In the […]
Ontario, Canada – March 2000
Ontario, Canada – March 2000 Our Prime Minister is a French Fry and other Great Canadian Myths How much do Americans know about Canada? Almost nothing. Case in point, a Canadian comedy show, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, featured an interview with American Presidential candidate George W. Bush. The interviewer told Bush that Canada’s Prime Minister, Jean Poutine, supported his […]
Ontario, Canada – June 1999
Ontario, Canada – June 1999 Toronto Vs. New York City I just returned from a long weekend in New York City. It was my first real trip in two years. Granted, I do make semi-regular trips to lovely Pembroke, Ontario (to visit my girlfriend’s family) but this was the first time I’d left the province. A needed fix for my […]
Ontario, Canada – January 2000
Top Ten Things To Do in Ontario (Cold Months – All 5 of them) Winter temperatures start in November and run until March (sometimes April). But despite our grumbling, there are some benefits to the winter season. Ontarians have devised ingenious ways to make the best of our ungodly climate! Here, in no particularly order, […]
Ottawa, Canada – May 1999
Ottawa, Canada – May 1999 Ottawa’s hopping over a friggin’ flower? This city with a boring reputation is actually having a big shindig worth attending? Cool! Sign me up! Check out the Parliament Buildings, the Château Laurier, and the Byward Market while you’re at it. Also take a bike ride down the Ottawa River and see the terrific views of […]
Ontario, Canada – February 2000
Ontario, Canada – February 2000 Fun in the Snow – Ontario’s Favourite Winter Sports On February second, Groundhog’s Day, heir apparent Wee Willie of Wiarton proclaimed six more weeks of winter for Ontario. Wiarton’s illustrious line of weather forecasters has had a 90% accuracy rate. This means we’ve got more winter to deal with, so how do we make the […]
Ottawa, Canada – June 1999
Got Poutine? Want to experience the joy of feeling your arteries clog as you eat! Try poutine. It’s probably Canada’s most famous (ha!) dish. It’s actually just about the closest thing to a national dish we have – even thought it’s more of a Quebec thing. Ottawa is, as you should know by now, just […]
Ontario, Canada – December 1999
Best and Worst of Ontario’s Millennium It’s hard to ignore all this millennial hoopla, so I decided to give into it. I’ve compiled a list of the best and worst of the past 1000 years in Ontario. Well, mostly just the last 200 years, since not much of what happened here was recorded until the […]
Ottawa, Canada – July 1999
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA!! I apologise if you happen to be reading this in August. 132 years ago, the Fathers of Confederation’s dream of a new nation came to life…now we party! Ottawa is the site of the nation’s most surprisingly active Canada Days…surprising because public servants and NORTEL employees don’t exactly have reputations for partying-down. […]