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Mural Madness – Welland, Canada and York, USA
Mural Madness – Welland, Canada and York, USA Tony Porco compares the historical murals of York and Welland.
Ottawa, Canada – April 1999
Current Happenings Events special to this month are not numerous, but I’ll let you know of upcoming and ongoing gallery and museum exhibitions in coming months. Summer is usually better for such things. At the National Gallery (on Sussex Dr., within blocks of the major hub of bus activity, the Rideau Centre, and visible from […]
Ontario, Canada – April 1999
Ontario Awakens from Hibernation Every February 2 Wiarton, Ontario’s own albino gopher, Wiarton Willie predicates the weather for the next 6 weeks. This year he died before his big day, but his last words reportedly (I’m not making this up) were that we were getting an early spring. Well, he was wrong! We’ve had a […]
Ontario, Canada – September 1999
Top 10 Things To Do in Ontario (Warm Months – all two of them) 1. Big Nickel, Sudbury "Look on my Works, ye mighty and despair!" A site too grand to fathom. It must be experienced! Larger-than-life, larger than the city of Sudbury. Made to greet visitors and represent their main industry, it has become […]
Ontario North Shore, Canada
The North Shore, an often-misconstrued notion of huge waves off Hawaii, represents an almost endless wilderness in Northern Ontario. It is the topside of Lake Superior, stretching from Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay. Even by Ontario standards, this area represents a huge playground for outdoor enthusiasts of all types. Tradition dictates that I must […]
Ontario, Canada – October 1999
What Horrors Hide in the Ottawa Valley???(Aside from the marauding Liberal caucus) Since it’s near Halloween, this article is about the scariest place in all of Ontario: the Ottawa Valley! Man-eating bears! Polish vampires! Gawking Francophones! Gigantic sea-monsters! Drugged-out hippies! Radioactive rhubarb! Deadly bacteria! All 100% true! (with just a bit of my characteristic hyperbole). […]
Ontario, Canada – November 1999
Southern Ontario vs. Northern California I just returned from my honeymoon in San Francisco. I heard that it was one of the three most beautiful cities in North America, the others being New Orleans and Quebec City. Since I had already been to those two, we decided to finally see the third. While in San […]
Ontario, Canada – May 1999
Ontario, Canada – May 1999 How to celebrate a dead monarch! I am already excited. The May 24 long weekend is coming. That date has particular resonance for Ontarians. "We are amused." Officially, it commemorates the birthday of Queen Victoria on May 24, 1819. After her death, we celebrated her birthday to show loyalty to the British Empire. In the […]
Ontario, Canada – March 2000
Ontario, Canada – March 2000 Our Prime Minister is a French Fry and other Great Canadian Myths How much do Americans know about Canada? Almost nothing. Case in point, a Canadian comedy show, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, featured an interview with American Presidential candidate George W. Bush. The interviewer told Bush that Canada’s Prime Minister, Jean Poutine, supported his […]
Ontario, Canada – June 1999
Ontario, Canada – June 1999 Toronto Vs. New York City I just returned from a long weekend in New York City. It was my first real trip in two years. Granted, I do make semi-regular trips to lovely Pembroke, Ontario (to visit my girlfriend’s family) but this was the first time I’d left the province. A needed fix for my […]