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Ontario, Canada – October 1999
What Horrors Hide in the Ottawa Valley???(Aside from the marauding Liberal caucus) Since it’s near Halloween, this article is about the scariest place in all of Ontario: the Ottawa Valley! Man-eating bears! Polish vampires! Gawking Francophones! Gigantic sea-monsters! Drugged-out hippies! Radioactive rhubarb! Deadly bacteria! All 100% true! (with just a bit of my characteristic hyperbole). […]
Ontario, Canada – November 1999
Southern Ontario vs. Northern California I just returned from my honeymoon in San Francisco. I heard that it was one of the three most beautiful cities in North America, the others being New Orleans and Quebec City. Since I had already been to those two, we decided to finally see the third. While in San […]
Ontario, Canada – May 1999
Ontario, Canada – May 1999 How to celebrate a dead monarch! I am already excited. The May 24 long weekend is coming. That date has particular resonance for Ontarians. "We are amused." Officially, it commemorates the birthday of Queen Victoria on May 24, 1819. After her death, we celebrated her birthday to show loyalty to the British Empire. In the […]
Ontario, Canada – March 2000
Ontario, Canada – March 2000 Our Prime Minister is a French Fry and other Great Canadian Myths How much do Americans know about Canada? Almost nothing. Case in point, a Canadian comedy show, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, featured an interview with American Presidential candidate George W. Bush. The interviewer told Bush that Canada’s Prime Minister, Jean Poutine, supported his […]
Ontario, Canada – June 1999
Ontario, Canada – June 1999 Toronto Vs. New York City I just returned from a long weekend in New York City. It was my first real trip in two years. Granted, I do make semi-regular trips to lovely Pembroke, Ontario (to visit my girlfriend’s family) but this was the first time I’d left the province. A needed fix for my […]
Ontario, Canada – January 2000
Top Ten Things To Do in Ontario (Cold Months – All 5 of them) Winter temperatures start in November and run until March (sometimes April). But despite our grumbling, there are some benefits to the winter season. Ontarians have devised ingenious ways to make the best of our ungodly climate! Here, in no particularly order, […]
Ottawa, Canada – May 1999
Ottawa, Canada – May 1999 Ottawa’s hopping over a friggin’ flower? This city with a boring reputation is actually having a big shindig worth attending? Cool! Sign me up! Check out the Parliament Buildings, the Château Laurier, and the Byward Market while you’re at it. Also take a bike ride down the Ottawa River and see the terrific views of […]
Fall Hiking in Ontario, Canada
The north in the autumn has to be one of the most spectacular places on Earth, and the most visually fulfilling time to experience it. Not only are there fewer pesky bugs, the vast majority of the people have dispersed as well. The Author at work, northwestern Ontario Temperatures are low enough that swimming is […]
Summer 2003 in Ottawa – Ottawa, Canada
Summer 2003 in Ottawa – Ottawa, Canada Ottawa, Canada Travel Guide International Fireworks Competition. Summer 2003 in Ottawa Now that winter is a thing of the past, the spring and summer festive season has arrived, packed with fun events. Here are some of the more popular ones. Unless otherwise noted, all phone numbers are in area code 613. Visitors will be happy […]
November Update Part 1 of 2
November Update Part 1 of 2 Ottawa, Canada Travel Guide By Fred Perry An Ottawa River cruise boat approaches Rideau Falls at dusk. Ottawa’s Beloved Canal Relations between nations change with the passing of time: foes oft become friends, and defences become attractions. Such is the case with the Rideau Canal, the waterway that’s now the “crown jewel” of Canada’s capital. […]