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Island of Stone Money – Yap, Micronesia
John Fillmed ventures to a remote island that sees less than 5,000 visitors a year.
Hitchhike the Yacht – New Zealand to Vanuatu
Hitchhike the Yacht – New Zealand to Vanuatu home_feb10_nz.jpgKinga Freespirit "hitchhike
Fiji Dawn – Sleeping Giant Mountains, Nadi, Fiji
Ukie encounters more than a Fiji sunrise on his morning stroll.
The Most Distant Battlefield – Palau Islands, Fed. St. Micronesia
Rich McIntyre travelled thousands of miles to visit this most distant and least visited American battlefield of the Second World War, where for two terrible months in 1944, American Marine and Army un
Discover the Lullaby of Coconut Palms and The Warm, Friendly Culture of Fiji – Fiji
According to Julie Ann Shapiro,listening to the ru
Republic of the Marshall Islands (Oceania) – Home to Popcorn Delicious and Coral Reefs – Marshall Islands
In Majuro, Julie went snorkeling among incredible
Be Careful What You Wish For – Tavewa, Fiji
Andrea Slachtova had often dreamed of being strand
Swagman #2 – Expect Nothing, Accept Everything – Nadi, Fiji
Swagman #2 – Expect Nothing, Accept Everything – Nadi, Fiji George Dunn lost a day of his life on the way to Fiji, but the price was worth paying after just a few days in Nadi.
RTW Honeymoon #14: Christchurch, Cannibalism and Kava – Christchurch, New Zealand and Fiji
Or...Fine Young Cannibals: Not just an 80's pop band! Sean and Kim enjoyed Fijian hospitality and kava ceremonies as part of their final stop of their RTW Honeymoon.
What Do Travellers Do All Day?: #23 – What’s on the Menu in Fiji? – Nadi, Levuka, Suva, Nananui Ra, Fiji
What do you do on an island when you have no plans? Drink more kava, say Bula and develop allergies