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The Triplegem Afghan Expedition I – Peshawar, Pakistan
The Triplegem Afghan Expedition I – Peshawar, Pakistan home_may18_peshawar.jpgStephen Shucar
Borderland – China and Pakistan
Barukh Shalev finds that borderlands are bad places with bad people; barren lands populated by people who are parasitic upon their environment, people who have no choice, people who are stuck in betwe
Afghanistan Part One: Every Man A King – Peshawar, Pakistan – Kabul, Afghanistan
Barukh Shalev crosses over the border into Afghanistan, going only because it was forbidden and he was afraid.
Twins – Hunza Valley, Pakistan
Barukh Shalev meets two twin girls with the same unknown disease.
Think Twice About This Solo Stroll – Ultar peak (Karimabad), Pakistan
Kuan Sng pays the price for going on an unguided hike up Ultar mountain.
Rendezvous with fairies – Northern Areas, Pakistan
According to S.A.J. Shirazi, the alpine flowers in northern Pakistan that carpet massive fields are so stunning, they must be home to fairies.
Heritage of Love – Pakistan
S.A.J. Shirazi shares a hidden secret of Pakistan
Written in the Web – Pakistan
If you have a desire to write, S.A.J. Shirazi asks
Shits at the Ritz (1 of 2) – Pakistan
The events surrounding a visit to Pakistan for a f
The Fort – Lahore, Pakistan
The Fort – Lahore, Pakistan S.A.J. Shirazi visits a historical splendor, the L