Patti Redd Travel Articles

San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico
San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Cool waves gently slapped against our backs as we moved out further from the white sandy beach. All around us hungry pelicans dive-bombed headfirst into the sea – hoping to grasp an errant fish for lunch. “If this isn’t heaven, it’s darned close,” I sigh as I sink to my shoulders in the cool green […]
Chaco Canyon, New Mexico – July 1999
Chaco Canyon, New Mexico – July 1999 Chaco Canyon is a most mystical southwest exploration. Imagine a six-century-old, prehistoric town under the stars and full moon, all yours to hike in and around and photograph. If you sit real still on a cloudless star-lit night, I think you might hear the Anasazi Indians talking among themselves, smell the wood burning from a […]
Priest Lake, Idaho, USA – May 1999
Many folks in the northwest United States know about the beauty and isolation of Priest Lake, Idaho. However, if you have not heard about it – and you love deep woods, a huge lake with secret little coves, and most fabulous summersÂ…Priest Lake could be your next great discovery! Located just south of the Canadian […]
Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA – May 1999
One of the seven natural “wonders of the world”, Grand Canyon, draws millions of tourists every year. Mostly in the summer. Lots of kids. Too many cars. Too many darned tourists.The true beauty and thrill of hiking the Grand Canyon from the south rim is better found in the spring, fall, fall and winter seasons. […]
Bali, Indonesia – May 1999
Bali adventures begin and end in the country…far away from Kuta, Denpasar and the cities. A glorious month of living and traveling on the little island of Bali proved our instincts were correct in staying away from the crowds. Denpasar sports a major airport; great to get in and out of the country. But that’s […]
Andros Island, Bahamas – April 1999
You’ll want to take your boots to Andros Island, but as you might expect, a pair of sandals is also in order. The largest of the Bahamian islands, Andros is still very much on the wild side – great for adventurers and those people who can’t stand gift shops and the usual tourist trash! If […]