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Travels without a Plan #11
Picking up a ride at the hostel heading up to Alice Springs, stopping off on the way at Coober Pedy, Uluru, the Olgas and King's Canyon, helps save a bit of cash.
Travels without a Plan #23
End of the Road – Cambodia and Thailand Well, this is quite honestly the last of my travel updates. Yup, this is the end of this particular road for me. The bank is calling, the credit card is stretched to the limit and I don’t think I can call in any more favours from family […]
Travels without a Plan #22
Vietnam – Home of a Million Organised Tours Sometimes you have to get away from the hawkers, taxi drivers and postcard sellers that swarm the the streets of Vietnam. I’m starting to see what other backpackers meant when they say that the locals only see you as a walking dollar sign. The best bit of […]
Travels without a Plan #21
Breakdowns, Delays and Overcrowding – The Joys of Travel in Laos The simple word of “Sabaidee” is the first word that you learn in Lao. Everyone says it, from young children to adults, words of greeting surround you when you arrive in this surprising and beautiful country. What have I done in the time I’ve […]
Travels without a Plan #10
Melbourne Mumblings After all the excitement of the opening weekend of the Olympics, to say that arriving in Melbourne was a bit of a shock to the system would be an understatement. It also did not help that for the day before I was feeling like death warmed up, I think with a 48 hour […]
Travels without a Plan #19
A wet Full Moon Party and finally arriving in Bangkok I’ve at long last arrived in Bangkok, which so far has totally surprised me, just due to the fact that it’s by as nowhere near bad as everyone has said it is. Yes it’s very hot, hectic, crowded, bustling, but I like it a lot. […]
Travels without a Plan
The End of Malaysia and Into Thailand After the stresses and strains of the Jungle, the beaches of the Perenthian Islands were definately needed. Before this trip I had never really been one to laze around on beaches, but the Australian lifestyle must have caught up with me, because now I love it, and after […]
Travels without a Plan #12
Alice Springs – Darwin – Cairns It wasn’t that long that I wrote before but so much has happened that I’m getting behind on my news. From Alice Springs I managed to get a lift in a big van, with what people described as a fairly good representation of the United Nations. The owner of […]
Travels without a Plan #20
Northern Thailand After the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, it was definately time to move on. For all its hectic-ness, Bangkok is a great town, and it’s a place that you know that people who are coming to SE Asia will visit. Therefore, it wasn’t a huge surprise that I bumped into an ex-Sydney housemate […]
Travels without a Plan #17
Cameron Highlands, Thaipusam and Taman Negarra Park From KL, it’s a short five hour coach ride to the town of Tana Rata in the Cameron Highlands. As with all my journeys in South East Asia, this one was not the best, with a badly dubbed James Bond film and a driver who seemed not to […]