Philip Blazdell Travel Articles

An Almost Lightness of Baroque – Prague, Czech Republic
Philip Blazdell reminisces about his memories of Prague.
Rotterdamned – Rotterdam, Netherlands
If the world's cities were guests at a party then Rotterdam would probably, after gate crashing the party with half a dozen stoned mates, be found sniffing lines of coke from the crutch of your sister
West of the Sun – Kyoto, Japan
Philip Blazdell had forgotten how beautiful life can be...especially west of the sun.
It Happened One Night (Again) – Japanese Alps
Seperated from his lover, Philip Blazdell wanders the streets of Japan, half a world away.
When Boys Became Giants: The Japanese Alps, May 2005 – Japanese Alps, Japan
Dawn is a few hours away and Philip Blazdell is sneaking around the hotel with a forty-foot LAN cable, a stolen laptop, a six-pack of Japanese beer and a box of sushi.
An Orison of Colour – Tokyo, Japan
Phlip Blazdell wonders how anyone could ever fall in love in such a place where nothing looks real and shadows are merely story-book tales and vague longings.
Seven Foot Square – Tokyo, Japan
Philip Blazdell wonders what it would be like to penetrate the Japanese mind and rummage around in the lingerie-drawer of their thoughts.
Fragile – Japan
By the time Philip Blazdell reaches the front of the queue, he will probably be a grand-father and his passport will have expired.
Norman Lewis View of the World – Book Review
Philip Blazdell profiles a compilation of the works of the travel-writing great, Norman Lewis.
The Ginger Tree – Book Review
Philip Blazdell reviews The Ginger Tree, following more than forty years of East-West relationships and the development of modern Japan first through the eyes of this very young and naive girl and, th