Philippines Travel Articles

Twin Lakes – Philippines, Asia
Twin Lakes – Philippines, Asia Join Christine Wuthrich as she discovered the twin lakes for the first time, and why this was her first time.
Malatapay Madness – Philippines, Asia
Malatapay Madness – Philippines, Asia Christine Wuthrich takes us to her dad's hometown of Dumaguete in the southern Philippine islands, and its legendary Wednesday market. Her story will make you long for your own taste of the island
Of Gentle Giants and Lights – Donsol, Sorsogon, Philippines
Of Gentle Giants and Lights – Donsol, Sorsogon, Philippines home_jul06_gentlegiants.jpgChrist
Manila Music – Paosig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Juha Uitto speculates on why the Filipinos are possibly the most musically talented people on the planet.
A Boat Trip in Boracay – Boracay, Philippines
Lee Abbamonte finds paradise, again.
The Unsung Philippines – Philippines
Thomas H. Booth returns to his memories in the Philippines.
Madeline and the Kooky Cakes – Manila, Philippines
Jarrah Dundler discovers that sometimes the best audience is that which is left unseen.
Travel Lows and Woes: The Closing Gangplank – Romblon, Philippines
Roselle Tenefrancia and her friends take a leap of
Travel Lows and Woes: Skin Agony – Palawan,Philippines
After one bug bite in Palawan, Roselle Tenefrancia
Travel Lows and Woes: Dungeons – Boracay Island, Philippines
A dungeon, gas chamber-type room on a ferry exists