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Phnom Penh: The Streets – Phnom Penh, Cambodia
After dodging motorbikes, prostitutes and peeing kids, Dave Hogan decides Phnom Penh is a crazy city.
Phnom Penh – Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Sabrina Plum never knew five dollars could take he
Train Surfing – Battenbang to Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Train Surfing Battenbang to Phnom Penh, Cambodia Proper The Fugitive stuff, the movie I mean. Or could be from some old wild west flicks. Backs up the Cambodia wild west theme anyway. The train ride from Cambodia’s second city, Battenbang, back to the capital Phnom Penh. Ticket costs $3, the locals pay about $1. I […]
A Round-the-World Journey to Find a New Home #13
Phnom Penh is becoming just like any other major city. The Toul Sleng Museum, however, is a powerful reminder of Cambodia's recent history.
Tales from a Broad #9
Cambodia: Phnom Penh to Koh KongFriday, November 17, 2000 Lots of traveling has been had since we last spoke, many miles on water and land. Sometimes you forget how fast the time goes, the day of the week or the month even. Pathetic. We last met when Chris and I were about to leave Siem […]