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PlanetRovers – New Zealand
New Zealand’s South IslandUpdated November 16th, 2000 Our South Island adventure began as we drove aboard the ferry that would take us across the Cook Strait and through the Queen Charlotte Sound, before docking in Picton, the South Island’s port city. We had heard from several people that the crossing can be rough and test […]
PlanetRovers – Month in Thailand
Month in ThailandUpdated March 6th, 2001 Sawatii! Our initial plan of going up the west coast of southern Thailand, to the island of Ko Samui, got scrapped after a brief conversation with an Aussie couple in a Penang café. It seems the monsoon had come to the west, so we headed east. The border crossing […]
PlanetRovers – Singapore/Malaysia
Singapore and Malaysia for the HolidaysUpdated February 9th, 2001 Our Bali bellies began settling on the pleasant airplane flight to Singapore. We were in awe of the airport upon arrival. It was by far the cleanest and probably best organized airport we have seen. We arrived in the early evening and it was dark by […]
PlanetRovers – Bali
Selamat from BaliUpdated February 2nd, 2001 The frenzy of activity that greeted us as we exited the customs area of the airport in Bali was all too reminiscent of our experience in Tonga. There was madness everywhere – people, people, people swarming about. No sign of tourist information. No sign of local transport. No sign […]
PlanetRovers – Australia (Page 2 of 2)
G’day from Australia! (Part II)Updated January 2nd, 2001 Our second day started very early, as most of the group had requested a pre-dawn wake-up call to catch the sunrise. So, at 4:45 a.m., John politely came around and banged on our tents with a spatula. We breakfasted on corn flakes, greasy bacon, flat pancakes and […]
PlanetRovers – Australia (Page 1 of 2)
G’day from Australia! (Part II)Updated January 2nd, 2001 At long last and only a month overdue, here’s the second part of our Australian adventure… Upon our return from Cape Trib, we had enough time to dry off and get a few hours of sleep before we had to be on the boat for our trip […]
PlanetRovers – Australia
G’day from Australia! (Part I)Updated December 6th, 2000 The Australian leg of our adventure started off with a brief, six-hour stop in Sydney, and then we were back on a plane to Darwin. Darwin welcomed us with humidity as thick as molasses and heat that lasted through the night. We chose Darwin as our first […]
PlanetRovers – Tonga
August 12-25, 2000 Malo e lelei! We arrived in Tonga after about 18 hours of travelling. We started in San Francisco, drove to LA, flew to Honolulu (where we had to get off the plane during the stopover in the middle of night), then to Fiji (where we had to go through customs because we […]
PlanetRovers – Last Day at Work
July 28th, 2000 (last day at our respective jobs) Our last day of work is a crowning moment as segue from work life to RTW life. We will be spending the evening on the town with family and friends then start on a little local travel to the beach and then to Pittsburgh. These past […]
PlanetRovers – Packing List: Med Supplies
Medical Supplies Tylenol Decongestant Antihistimine Multivitamins Vitamin C Ibuprofin Immodium Antacid Tablets Charcoal Tablets Antibiotic Malaria Pills Medical Tape Neosporin Gauze Syringes Calamine Lotion Itch Stick Eye Drops Iodine Rehydration Salts Instant Cold Pack Burn Treatment Thermometer Cotton Balls Q-Tips Tweezers Scissors Nail Clippers Sunscreen Lip Balm Aloe Toothpaste Toothbrushes Antiperspirant Brush Toilet Paper Tampons […]