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6 Ways to Experience Nepal in Pokhara
6 Ways to Experience Nepal in Pokhara Though many travelers come through Nepal to visit the famous Himalayas or the temples of Kathmandu, there are many amazing things to do in the city of Pokhara beyond trekking and sightseeing. Annie Shustrin suggests six ideas to help you experience Nepal in a new way.
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Explore Nepal: The Shangri-La – Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal
Travelling on your own in Nepal can be your life-time experience. Enjoy this one month trip from the hi-tech city Kathmandu to the natural wonders of mountains above 8000 meters in 30 days!
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Pokhara Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Pokhara Where is it located?: Pokhra is west of Kathmandu near the starting point to the Annapurna Circuit. Why do people go there?: This is the trekking capital of Nepal. There is where you to begin or end your trip. How do travelers get there?: You can take a flight from […]
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