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Ten Off the Beaten Path Things to Do in Chile
Ten Off the Beaten Path Things to Do in Chile With almost 3000 miles of coastline, desert terrain in the north, lakes, volcanoes, and vineyards in the center, an ultra-modern capital of Santiago, and windswept crags along its southern shores, Chile is the perfect getaway for the most discerning adventurer. Sometimes, however, the greatest thrills of exploration, according to Vickie Lillo, fellow traveler and married to a Chilean National, are completely off the grid.
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Punta Arenas, Chile – General Info
Getting There The city has a good international airport that has reasonably priced flights to Ushuaia and other important Chilean and Argentinean destinations. Most people try to avoid travelling by plane in this spectacularly beautiful area and rely heavily on the excellent bus services. There are regular buses to Santiago, Puerto Natales and Rio Gallegos […]
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Punta Arenas, Chile
A little bit of History and Geography Punta Arenas, which lies at a southerly latitude of approximately 54° south was discovered by J. Byron in the 17th century who named it “Punta Arenosa” (Sandy Point). Today, it is Patagonia’s largest and most commercially important city and the capital of Magallanes provincia and Magallanes y de […]
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