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The Kiss of the Jellyfish – Cairns, Queensland, Australia
After snorkeling the reef, Leif Pettersen is convinced of his profound affect on stinging blueys.
Why fly to Alice Springs? – Cairns to Alice Springs, Australia
Rachel Nena Krasno thinks the journey into the Outback is probably one of the most fantastic parts of Australia. Some may say there is nothing for miles, but she says, "why fly?"
Sunshine Sailing Shenanigans – Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia
Lee Rigley embarks on a New Year's adventure on a crewless yacht.
Swagman #17 – Magnetic Island: The Battle for Cabin 27 – Magnetic Island, Australia
Magnetic Island is like visiting a small community that lies within a zoo, as George found when he came up against some territorial possums.
Swagman #15 – The Sugar Drive to Cairns – Cairns, Queensland, Australia
George found that there is really very little to do in Cairns but rest, drink, and risk your life on any of the latest adventure crazes sweeping through.
Swagman #14 – Noosa and the Development of a Backpacker Town – Queensland, Australia
It seems to George that all a location needs is a beautiful beach, and the backpackers will find it, tell others about it and then money pours in.
Swagman #13 – Gold and Sunshine Coast Sandwich, BrisVegas Filling – Brisbane, Australia
Before leaving New York, George had promised his brother that they would go skydiving, and the time had come to deliver on that promise.
Swagman #18 – Whitsunday ‘Sailing’ – Whitsunday Islands, Australia
Backpackers convene like moths to a flame to the many Whitsunday sailing deals offered in Airlie Beach, and very often get burned.
Swagman #19- Fraser Island – Fraser Island, Australia
George came to the conclusion that visiting Fraser Island on a self-drive tour is like living out the first episode of the show Survivor.
Swagman #16 – Mission Beach and the Tully Gorge Bushman – Queensland, Australia
George learned more from the Tully Gorge Bushman in an hour of chatting than from anything he had read about Australia, it's wildlife, people and legends.