Queensland Travel Articles

Just the Facts, Madame – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Megan Byrd introduces visitors to Brisbane.
The Kiss of the Jellyfish – Cairns, Queensland, Australia
After snorkeling the reef, Leif Pettersen is convinced of his profound affect on stinging blueys.
Why fly to Alice Springs? – Cairns to Alice Springs, Australia
Rachel Nena Krasno thinks the journey into the Outback is probably one of the most fantastic parts of Australia. Some may say there is nothing for miles, but she says, "why fly?"
Savouring the Savannah Way – Far North Queensland, Australia
Whether you are travelling independently or on an organised tour, "The Top End" presents to you an extensive menu of entrees, main meals and desserts according to your individual tastes and preference
A Magnificent Obsession – Far North Queensland, Australia
One man's dream becomes a reality in north Queensland.
Sunshine Sailing Shenanigans – Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia
Lee Rigley embarks on a New Year's adventure on a crewless yacht.
Dodging Drama in the Top End – Far North Queensland Australia
Jools offers up some tips for surviving the Outback in far north Queensland.
Australia’s Hidden Gem – Atherton Tablelands, Far North Queensland, Australia
Jools shares the entrancing beauty of far North Queensland.
Swagman #26 – The End of the Line – Queenstown, New Zealand
George Dunn contemplates his time away from home.
Brisbane Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Brisbane Where is it located?: Brisbane is located halfway up Australia’s east coast, just over the border of New South Wales in Queensland. Why do people go there?: Brisbane is a great stopping point for backpackers making their way up, or down, the coast. The meandering river is worth a ride […]