Robert Geier Travel Articles

Joe and the Whale Shark – The Philippines
White water fetishes are adequately catered to in the Philippines, with white water rafting and surf kayaking. Robert Geier was indulging in the latter when he came across a shark.
Elbrus, the Two-Headed Giant – Russia
Robert Geier is determined to climb the tallest mountains of the world. This time it's Europe's biggest, Mount Elbrus in Southern Russia.
Chaos in the Canyons – The Philippines
Robert Geier had dived the Canyons in the Philippines a few times, but the last time was the best dive ever.
Bloodsport for All – The Philippines
Basketball is the national sport of the Philippines, but Robert Geier found cockfighting much more popular on a Sunday.
Blood on the Rocks – Aconcagua, Argentina
Aconcagua is advertised as the highest trekking peak, but Robert Geier warns that it deserves much more respect than that.
The Caves of Coron – The Philippines
Robert Geier is off to buy a waterproof flashlight
Snows of Kilimanjaro
Robert Geier is determined to climb the tallest mo
Snows of Kilimanjaro – Tanzania
Snows of Kilimanjaro Tanzania I’m back from the Africa, having conquered its tallest peak, survived its beggars and thieves, been ripped off, and spent much more than I wanted to. I can definitely say I had the worst Christmas ever, with altitude sickness, food poisoning, unreliable porters, and a 6 day hike in temperatures from […]