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Nightlife – Bogota, Colombia Travel Guide
You want to know the real Bogota? Let Roger DuPont tell it, but be warned: this
ain't for the squeamish.
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Nightlife in Bogota, Colombia
Introduction Warning: Discussion of everything from booze to cocaine to prostitution to follow – if this offends you, then you might not want to read on. I spent two and a half years living in Bogota, and let me assure you that it wasn’t in a five-star hotel, or any hotel for that matter. Most […]
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The Softer Side – Bogota, Colombia
Bogota, Colombia Travel Guide The Softer Side of Bogota I recently wrote an article about the nightlife scene in Bogota that was pretty raw and explicit. I’d like to offer this piece now to show you that Bogota and Colombia in general have a lot more to offer than just a wild night on the […]
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