Russia Travel Articles

A Night in Eastern Siberia – Russia, Europe
Jason Bollinger recommends eastern Siberia for anyone wanting an exciting experience that only comes from an adventurous spirit.
From Tiananmen Square to Red Square – Russia, China, Mongolia
Mark Gilbey recounts his Trans-Siberian adventure across 5,772 miles and three countries. Per mile, it remains one of the cheapest journeys in the world.
Misadventures in Tver – Russia, Europe
Inexperienced Sarah Wilman, heads off for her first solo trip to a Russian village. She exasperates the kindly Russian people and leaves again.
Burat People of Siberia – Ulan Ude, Russia, Europe
Colm Ó Cinnseala spent a night drinking with the delightful Buryat people of Siberia. Vodka played a role.
Trans-Mongolian Express – Cairo to Beijing
Kuan Sng recounts his experience getting that rare transit visa in hand, his two full days in Moscow (reflected as one calendar day on his application), and the weeklong train journey (a tri-monthly c
Fifty Nine: Siberia – Siberia, Russia
Philip Blazdell searching for a phone in the middle of Siberia.
Let St. Petersburg Sink In – St. Petersburg, Russia
Let St. Petersburg Sink In – St. Petersburg, Russia home_jun06_stpetersburg.jpgVenice
Anatomy of a Bribe – Moscow, Russia
Pegged as a narcotics dealer, Antonio Sanchez buys his way to freedom in Russia.
Swindles Beyond Cyberspace: Avoiding Russian Scams on Their Turf – Russia
Winston Wu details common scams in Russia and how to avoid them.
Meeting Dostoyevsky – Saint Petersburg, Russia
Meeting Dostoyevsky – Saint Petersburg, Russia Elizabeth Simson (and her hostel-mates) get their own private tour though the damp, sleepy streets of Saint Petersburg.