Sally J. Walton Travel Articles

Spring Travels: Part III, Zagreb to Prague – Hungary, Czech Republic, Europe
Sally J. Walton does a twosome for this final segment of her journey. After using buses, trains and her feet, the return flight feels luxurious before the inevitable time and culture adjustments.
Spring Travels: Part II, Athens to Zagreb – Greece, Croatia, Europe
Sally J. Walton and friend, Judy, are on a whirlwind group tour - Athens to Zabreb - with lots of sightseeing in between.
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Spring Travels: Part I, Crete to Athens – Crete, Athens, Greece, Europe
Sally J. Walton spent five weeks solo travelling from Crete to Athens. Her study of the language at home came in handy, she stayed at a few interesting places and met some unique individuals. Of cours
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Driving the Road Less Traveled – California
Sally J. Walton contends there are still places ev
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