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Fanny Pack Snatch – Santiago, Chile, South America
Linda Waltgenberger recounts this true story of her 60+ friend who impulsively and bravely retrieved Linda's fanny pack with contents intact.
Touring Chile – Santiago, Chile
Whenever Patrick Smith thinks of Chile, he gets lyrical.
The Sorrows of Santiago: Augusto Pinochet and Chile – Santiago, Chile
It is 1998 and Erika Lorentzsen is running for her
Beyond the Backyard #5: Everything Your Monther Told You Not to Do – Mendoza and Santiago, Chile
On her birthday, Elysse did exactly what every parent warns their child about: talking to strangers, taking rides from strangers, taking food from strangers...
Bariloche to Santiago, Chile (May 2003) – Santiago, Chile
Chileans seem to have a bit of a complex about their status in the World and Al did his best to fuel their egos with what he had seen of their country.