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Alcohol, Lakes and Myths – Savonlinna, Finland
Goh Lik Ling Marilyn discovers that almost every country has their own version of Romeo and Juliet.
Geography of Copenhagen
Geography of Copenhagen Copenhagen, or København, is located on the East coast of Denmark, on the Island Sjælland. When the weather is clear you can actually see Sweden from Copenhagen. At the moment they are building a bridge between Denmark and Sweden, but until it’s finished you can catch several ferries between Copenhagen and Malmö, Sweden. The city […]
Copenhagen, Denmark – September 2001
Spunk Junkie The �resund Bridge For my money, and believe me, I don’t have a lot, Copenhagen must be one of the world’s most dangerous cities. Afghanistan – ha, that’s for wimps, Bosnia – I took my mother there for a weekend break, the Sudan – child’s play. But Denmark, and more specifically Copenhagen – […]
Copenhagen, Denmark – History
Little is known of Danish history before the age of the Vikings (9th-11th cent. A.D.), when the Danes had an important role in the Viking (or Norse) raids on Western Europe and were prominent among the invaders of England who were opposed by King Alfred (871-99) and his successors. St. Ansgar (801-65) helped convert the […]
Copenhagen, Denmark – General Info
Getting There Copenhagen has become an important European transportation centre. The city sits at the threshold between Scandinavia and the European Continent and is the gateway to the Baltic region. The airport even has its own web page. From the UK there are a number of budget carriers which travel there: Ryanair fly to […]
Malmö, Sweden – General Info
Geography A land of lakes and forests, and home of the Vikings, Sweden is the biggest country in Scandinavia. It attracts around 6 million visitors a year. Roughly three times the size of Britain, its population is just 8.8 million. A relatively recent member of the EU, Sweden has yet to commit to the Euro. […]
Malmö, Sweden
I had never really considered Sweden as a holiday destination. I mean there have been some pretty compelling reasons for going; Ace of Base, ABBA, Roxette, saunas and certain erotic movies, but I had always been put off by the cost and the fact that no one seems to be going there. However, a few […]