Scott Hertzberg Travel Articles

Washington, DC – Good Food on 7th Street
Visitors to Washington quickly notice the total absence of good food around the monuments and museums. The only options on the Mall are vending trucks selling hots dogs and other junk at outrageous prices. Fortunately, the situation is not as bleak as it first appears. Good food is not far away up Seventh Street. Seventh […]
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WWOOF’ing It in the UK
Earlier this summer I escaped my desk job to participate in an agricultural work exchange program called Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF). Through WWOOF, my partner Tanya and I arranged to stay on two farms, one in England for three weeks and another on a remote Scottish island for ten days. Working on the […]
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Washington, DC – July 2000
The oppressive humidity is here just like every summer in Washington. Also present are the masses of tourists that regularly hit the city once school’s over. Yet there are still plenty of good reasons to pay the Capital a visit. The Smithsonian Folk Festival starts June 23 and runs to July 4. The festival, which […]
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