SE Asia Travel Articles

How to be a Taxi Driver in Saigon – Vietnam, Asia
A tongue-in-cheek look at the methods and means of taxi drivers in Saigon by Graham Price.
My Inner Indonesian – Asia
Stephanie Boegeman learned that great things happen at 6:30 in the morning, such as taking advice from strangers, but not free rides. And never, ever, lose your cool.
Heading Down River in Laos – Asia
Heading down river in Laos, Matthew Van Saun wonders if this is a dream or reality.
Diving with Sharks in the Similan Islands – Thailand, Asia
Lisa Anne Evans, a novice scuba diver, stayed on a live-aboard boat in Thailand and experienced her first encounter with a shark in the wild.
A Different Military Coup – Thailand, Asia
A Different Military Coup – Thailand, Asia Matthew Van Saun understands Thai culture reasonably well. Thailand was the best place to get caught in the middle of a military take over - stressful at times, though.
The Vietnamese Haircut – Thai Nguyen, Vietnam, Asia
James W. Coates jumps into a barber's chair in a tiny Vietnamese village and hopes for the best.
A Night on the Road to Mui Ne – Vietnam, Asia
A Night on the Road to Mui Ne – Vietnam, Asia A sigh of relief at her journey's end was the first emotion Lalaine Capucion felt after a long day in Saigon, several hours in a bus and van, in the dead of night, on her way to Mui Ne in Vietnam.
Goodbye Vietnam – Asia
Goodbye Vietnam – Asia After spending a month traveling throughout Vietnam, Sherry Ott has gathered a number of unique insights into Vietnam's everyday life.
Bia Hoi in Vietnam – Hoi An, Hanoi, Asia
Alan Bishop was introduced to one of the most wonderful things Vietnam has to offer.
(Un)prepared for Saigon – Vietnam, Asia
(Un)prepared for Saigon – Vietnam, Asia Preparing for a trip is well and good, but some things can catch one by surprise - in a good way, as Lalaine Capucion discovered in Saigon, Vietnam.