SE Asia Travel Articles

Another Side of Singapore – Singapore, Asia
Beyond the modern face of Singapore, Tara Holeman discovers the wild past.
Five Things I Love about Living in Thailand
Kelly Blackwell shares her top five best reasons for living in Thailand.
Coming Home: Enlightenment – Thailand, Asia
Jeffrey Lee shares what he's learned, especially from a Buddist monk in Thailand.
Bangkok: Bureaucracy and Bribes but Brilliant – Bangkok, Thailand, Asia
Barry O'Leary's teaching experience in Thailand will be one he'll remember always - for the more obvious reasons of teaching abroad. One reason, though, stands out.
Myanmar Experience – Myanmar, Asia
A confirmed wanderer for the past 35 years to over 45 countries, Mitch Wilenchik was caught "off stride" by his experience in Myanmar
Buying Life – Bangkok, Thailand, Asia
Bangkok's vibrancy is breathtaking for David Luekens - its life is bright, out in the open and full of energy.
Phnom Phen – Phnom Phen, Cambodia, SE Asia, Asia
Jeffrey Lee shares his views on Phnom Phen - much like the Wild West when it was wild.
Thailand: No More Alcohol Sales to Those Under 25 – Thailand, SE Asia
Nola Lee Kelsey reports from Thailand. While there is still plenty to see and do in the Land of Smiles despite the crackdown, many foreign travelers may not be grinning quite as wide.
Rediscovering Phnom Penh – Cambodia, SE Asia
After briefly visiting Phnom Penh in 2003, Liz Ledden was quick to judge
Chiang Mai, Thailand’s Temple of the Dogs – Thailand, SE Asia
Chiang Mai, Thailand’s Temple of the Dogs – Thailand, SE Asia To escape a drenching rain, Nola Lee Kelsey finds shelter in a gazebo housing three large Buddas and dogs - yes, you read that correctly, dogs.