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Cow Palace Blues, As Told by Bobby Callahan to Sean O’Reilly – San Francisco, California, USA
This true story was told by Bobby Callahan to Sean O'Reilly a number of years ago. It gives a unique insight into the world of dog fighting.
Gateway to Elsewhere – St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.
Due to his wife's nasty case of pink eye, Sean O'Reilly found himself in St. Louis, at a monument quite unknown, directly in the shadow of the Arch of St. Louis, with a feature the builders wo
How Can This Be Israel – Israel
Sean O'Reilly pondered the media's portrayal of Is
Lady of the Avenues (2 of 2)
"Can you feel the waves?" she whispered. As a teenager I used to jog through Golden Gate Park, at a time when you wore tennis shoes instead of good jogging shoes because they were still a novelty. There was no harder run than the sprint up Strawberry Hill, in the center of Stow Lake, and […]
Lady of the Avenues (1 of 2)
I have always loved San Francisco. I say this without shame or passion. It is a statement of fact, something unalterable, like the sun rising or the smell of coffee in the morning. This is the city where I spent my childhood and as a boy would walk the streets for hours at night, with […]
Cow Palace Blues (2 of 2)
When they finally got back, bets were placed, and dogs were washed and faced and everybody settled in for a good fight – unaware that an undercover operation was about to explode in their faces. The most heavily favored dog leapt with fangs bared; suddenly there were screams and yells that the cops were there […]
Cow Palace Blues (1 of 2)
I had a bad feeling about this one. It wasn’t the rainy weather or the two guys bullshitting in loud tones outside our window. There was something indefinable in the air – as if something were lurking behind the smell of urine coming from the seedy motel next to the Cow Palace, or hiding in […]