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Two Weeks in the Balkans – Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro
Tom Barry highlights atrip around the Balkans - a unique opportunity to capture a snapshot of a region that is evolving as quickly as anywhere in the world.
A Fractured Country – Balkans
A Fractured Country – Balkans home_march25_fractured.jpgJoseph K
Ljubljana, Slovenia – April 2001
When does Ljubljana wake up from her winter sleep? Different people will provide different definitions. Some will say, when trees on the surrounding hills – Golovec, Smarna Gora and Roznik, all popular weekend spots for the people of Ljubljana – start budding to finally explode in white blossoms and green leaves. Some will say, when […]
Ljubljana, Slovenia – October 1999
Ljubljana, Slovenia – October 1999 Hello, everybody! I’m sorry so many of you (OK, nobody) missed last months’ article on Slovenia. I was just too busy with school and all. Sorry again. For all you Blondie fans out there…The group is coming to Ljubljana October 23rd. And, speaking of concerts, Joe Cocker is arriving beginning of November. I think the […]
Ljubljana, Slovenia – August 1999
Ljubljana, Slovenia – August 1999 OK people, this isn’t funny anymore! Do you know how many people answered my request for some feedback? One! I know that you are under the impression that Slovenia isn’t the most exotic spot to spend your holidays at, but… Why don’t you at least try it? Or are you too afraid that you’ll like […]
Ljubljana, Slovenia – July 1999
Ljubljana, Slovenia – July 1999 School is out for the summer, but the road repairing is just starting. Oh, joy, oh, happinessÂ… So, if you’re planning on driving down to the coast, don’t forget to pack a big bag of patience. Especially if you’re driving down on a Friday afternoon. The “normal” driving time is about an hour and a […]
Ljubljana, Slovenia – June 1999
Okay, okay, I promise I’ll get the hang of these articlesÂ… Eventually. Until then, you’ll have to be satisfied with what you have, namely this. Nothing much is happening here, so I really don’t know what to say. ExceptÂ… About the holidays in JuneÂ… The 25th is a national holiday (it’s the day on which […]
Ljubljana, Slovenia – May 1999
For those of you out there who still don’t know where Slovenia is (shame on you), it’s a small country (tiny actually, only 20.256 stuck between Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and the Adriatic sea. It’s easy to access, people are friendly (at least I live under that impression) and most of them speak English […]