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System is Down. Come Again Tomorrow. Adventures at the Cape Town DMV – Cape Town, South Africa
Laura Pentelbury discovers that even trying to renew a South African drivers license can be an adventure.
Peter and the Sand Elephant – South Africa
Andrea Granahan finds that sometimes, solace comes in unexpeted forms.
Millions of Arms – Beira, Mozambique and South Africa
Melissa Lambert and her husband volunteer at an orphanage in Mozambique.
Ain’t Nothin’ Like It: 24 Hours of African Public Transport – South Africa
Facing a 30 hour bus ride, Jim Hunt found himself wondering if there was anything he'd done or taken part in - not including breathing, swallowing, and other actions his brain wisely does not allow hi
Is South Africa a Good Side Trip (from Prague) – and Five Other Questions I Should Have Asked
Is South Africa a Good Side Trip (from Prague) – and Five Other Questions I Should Have Asked home_oct28_sa.jpgCharles Gillis plans a sid
Hips That Move Like Africa – Cape Town, South Africa
In a Cape Town township, Jennifer Green gets one of the best compliments she's ever received.
Travel to the tip of Africa – South Africa
With the end of apartheid, newly elected government, wonderful food and wine, friendly people and a thriving tourism segment, Rhonda Delameter believes South Africa is rapidly becoming one of the up a
Reflections – South Africa
To Ian Kutschke, the message was apartheid may be officially over but it still runs deep into the South African way of life for a lot of people.
Running a Backpackers – South Africa
While working at a backpackers, Ian Kutschke gets the opportunity to try out kloofing, an extreme adventure sport.
The Way to Wilderness – South Africa
Ian Kutschke tests the urination-on-jellfish-sting theory in South Africa.