South East Asia Travel Articles

Buying Jewelry while Travelling Abroad – Singapore, Asia
Mithun Rao learned a valuable lesson he wants to share with other travelers.
Transportation Choices for Angkor Wat – Siem Reap, Cambodia, Asia
Rahmi Hidayat outlines a few modes of transportation for simplicity, absence of traffic and road rage. Such happiness!
Canoe Racing on the Nam Tha River – Laos, Asia
Mark Robbins tries his hand at canoe racing and suspects he will not be invited to join a team.
Of Love and Backpack – Vietnam, Asia
Of Love and Backpack – Vietnam, Asia Daniel Gold's attempt to facilitate world harmony with his libido and cultivate a romance in Vietnam, are ruined by an aggressive monkey.
Party in my Shoes – Myanmar, Thailand, Asia
Safely out of the jungle, Amy Rankin realized why she had signed up for a hefty fifteen-hour jungle trek to a Karen hill tribe settlement.
What to Expect in Bangkok, Part Two – Thailand, Asia
Joe Charley wrote this article more with an eye to entertain and provide a snapshot of Bangkok.
Bus Station Frustration – Malaysia, Asia
Bus Station Frustration – Malaysia, Asia Claire Morrow recounts a land-to-sea misadventure in Malaysia that might make you think twice about booking your next cheap night bus.
What to Expect in Bangkok – Thailand, Asia
Bangkok bewilders and angers Joe Charley. Find out why.
God Lives Here – Santa Fe, Philippines, Asia
God Lives Here – Santa Fe, Philippines, Asia "God lives here. I don't know what He does elsewhere, but He lives here." Christine Wuthrich agrees.
Mister Friendly – Thailand, Asia
Mister Friendly – Thailand, Asia Even in the friendly isles of the Gulf of Thailand, paradise has its pitfalls. John M. Edwards grabs an orange life vest and deems it a beautiful day for a ferry sinking.