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Swagman #26 – The End of the Line – Queenstown, New Zealand
George Dunn contemplates his time away from home.
Life, Near Death, and Beauty in New Zealand’s South Island – South Island, New Zealand
Life, Near Death, and Beauty in New Zealand’s South Island – South Island, New Zealand Antonio Sanchez has faced Russian mafia, scorpions
Tim and Mari’s World Tour #4
The South Island November 28 Things looked better once we got to the South Island.  We haven’t been forgotten even once.  It has been a while since our last update, but click on the mid-November update to see some of our earlier trials. One dark and rainy night (In New Zealand???), Mari and I arrived […]
The Northwest Mud Circuit
The Northwest Mud Circuit Hiking Stewart Island off the coast of New Zealand
Swagman #24 – Kaikoura, New Zealand
Swagman #24 – Kaikoura, New Zealand 24: Kaikoura In a town with roughly the same population as a Manhattan apartment building, the marine related activities are staggering. From crayfish to killer whales, you can have a gander at any link in the marine food chain. Seals lay out on sunny shore rocks like drunken tourists. A short boat ride away from […]
Swagman #25 – Walk on Water – Franz Josef, New Zealand
Andre slid a plank of wood across the deep fissure and slapped me on the back. “Careful,” he said to me. “This is where we lost the last hiker.” The group laughed and teased me as I stepped up to the makeshift bridge. “Please, you must hold the rope,” Andre reminded me. He had just […]
Little and Large Down Under #5: Time for a Nice Cup of Tea and A Sit Down
New Zealand is packed full of interesting things to do, on land, water, and in the air. Frankly, David and Jenny are knackered!
RTW Honeymoon #14: Christchurch, Cannibalism and Kava – Christchurch, New Zealand and Fiji
Or...Fine Young Cannibals: Not just an 80's pop band! Sean and Kim enjoyed Fijian hospitality and kava ceremonies as part of their final stop of their RTW Honeymoon.
What Do Travellers Do All Day?: #19 – Dropped Amongst the Sheep Shaggers – Christchurch to Dunedin, New Zealand
The South Island is Megan's as she drives her own Miss Daisy and learns the fine art of counting sheep to stay awake.
Dolphins Dig Dylan – South Island
Dolphins Dig Dylan – South Island Steve Bond came to Akaroa to swim with dolphins. T