South Korea Travel Articles

Breaking the Surface – Insadong, Korea
Brian Laguardia returned to South Korea as a civil
Korea For Real – South Korea
Paul Bolger wants to highlight the good experience
The Last Line – South Korea, North Korea
The Last Line – South Korea, North Korea As Philip Blazdell left the barbed wire and mine f
My Bike is Broken: Losing it in Gyeongju – Gyeongju, South Korea
Kevin O'Shea wanted something different than his u
Seoul Man: 12 Months in Korea – #11: Office Space – South Korea
Conor Purcell left the twilight zone of the Korean classroom for the altogether more civilised office space. He should have known better.
The Other Korea – Ulsan, South Korea
For Eileen Meehan, South Korea's huge economic gro
A Hike in Korea – Bukansan National Park, Korea
Kevin O'Shea thought a hike would be a great way t
Seoul Man: 12 Months in Korea – #10: Anarchy in the R.O.K – South Korea
More shocking to Conor Purcell than the car accident he was in, or the rape he witnessed, was the Korean reaction both these events.
Seoul Man: 12 Months in Korea – #9: Last Exit to Bucheon – South Korea
Conor's dismissal from the English school was a blessing in disguise and he offers his advice to incoming ESL teachers to avoid some of the traps he found.
Seoul Man: 12 Months in Korea – #8: Provincialism – South Korea
Anti-American sentiment may be high in Korea at the moment, but Conor doesn't think that should put anyone off from coming over to teach.