Southern Africa Travel Articles

Desert Dunes – Namibia, Africa
Desert Dunes – Namibia, Africa
a walk in the desert
Kesse Buchanan finds a different kind
Another Level of Travel – Southern Africa
Another Level of Travel – Southern Africa Jay Jacobson used 23 flights, 4 boats, 20 Land Rover Game Drives, 2 bicycle wheels and 2 feet to see South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbawbe and Senegal. Whew!
History in the Sand – Mozambique, Africa
Caroline Cowan explored the north part of Mozambique, where history and suntans go hand in hand.
Talking Clichés – Topuito, Mozambique, Africa
While on a trip to a couple of small islands off the northern Mozambican coast, Caroline Cowan discovers that even though it is a cliché, paradise does exist.
Zimbabwe: Top to Tale – Africa
Zimbabwe: Top to Tale – Africa Luke Henry's time in Zimbabwe is filled with several adventures - and a few unexpected surprises.
An American Road Trip Across an African Nation – Namibia, Africa
An American Road Trip Across an African Nation – Namibia, Africa The classic American road trip doesn't necessarily have to take place in the United States. Jennifer Green discovers adventure and beauty on a 2,100-mile road trip across Namibia.
South Africa’s Luxury Lodges – South Africa
Tom Dwyer checks out South Africa's top dwellings.
Millions of Arms – Beira, Mozambique and South Africa
Melissa Lambert and her husband volunteer at an orphanage in Mozambique.
Ain’t Nothin’ Like It: 24 Hours of African Public Transport – South Africa
Facing a 30 hour bus ride, Jim Hunt found himself wondering if there was anything he'd done or taken part in - not including breathing, swallowing, and other actions his brain wisely does not allow hi
To Banter with the Bogeyman – South Africa
A scary experience in a foreign country reminds traveller Petro Kotzé of what it is to be safe, and how to do it back in sunny South Africa.