Southern Africa Nutz and Bolts Travel Articles

To Banter with the Bogeyman – South Africa
A scary experience in a foreign country reminds traveller Petro Kotzé of what it is to be safe, and how to do it back in sunny South Africa.
South Africa Race Relations – South Africa
South Africa has a confusing, painful and intense past - which a majority of Capetonians will tell you makes the present and the future all the more rich and interesting.
Places To Chow – Cape Town, South Africa
Jennifer Green shows off the best of Cape Town's culinary delights.
Getting Around: Trains, Taxis, Automobiles and Kombis – Cape Town, South Africa
BootsnAll intern Jennifer Green explains how to get around in CT.
Guide to Durban – Durban, South Africa
Guide to Durban – Durban, South Africa Athena Lamberis gives the run down on Durban, South Africa.
Goats With Death Wishes – Malawi
Driving in Malawi comes with a unique set of challenges and yummy fried chippies.
Apartheid in South Africa – South Africa
It saddens Seleze Oosthuizen to read that so many tourists encounter apartheid in SA and that they still believe that most white people are racist.
Melting Pot of Cultures – Maputo, Mozambique
home_june2_moz.jpgAthena Lamber
Mystic Swaziland – Swaziland
Athena Lamberis tours a country that gets less than 200,000 visitors a year.
Harare Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Harare Where is it located?: Harare is in northeastern Zimbabwe. Why do people go here: Most people make a stop in Harare before they travel through the rest of Zimbabwe. Harare has a nice mix of old colonial buildings worth a look. How do travelers get there?: Most people arrrive in […]