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Leeeeeeeaving, On an Overland Tour – Namibia
Ian Kutschke gears up for his overland trip, passing along some of the advice he's picked up about Southern Africa along the way.
Namibia Living – Namibia
Lizzy Edwards and her husband Ian wander the streets of Namibia during the changeover of the president.
The Best Easter We’ve Ever Had – Namibia
Ian Kutschke's wife Lizzy gets mugged in Namibia - while the neighbors watch.
To the Sand Dunes of Namibia – Namibia
Ian Kutschke takes off his clothes and rolls around the dunes in Namibia.
Reflections – South Africa
To Ian Kutschke, the message was apartheid may be officially over but it still runs deep into the South African way of life for a lot of people.
Running a Backpackers – South Africa
While working at a backpackers, Ian Kutschke gets the opportunity to try out kloofing, an extreme adventure sport.
The Way to Wilderness – South Africa
Ian Kutschke tests the urination-on-jellfish-sting theory in South Africa.
Sharks and Braai – South Africa
Ian Kutschke learns, if want to go shark diving, go in season, and if you want to meet South Africans, go to a Braai.
The Southern Most Point in Africa with Baboons – South Africa
Ian Kutschke and his wife Lizzy head to south, minding the wild animals.
A South African Vineyard – South Africa
Follow Ian Kutschke's wine tasting lessons and you'll be swirling like a pro!