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June 2002 – Eugene, Oregon Travel Guide
Drop your jaw at what a bunch of hippies and artists can pull off - and this is
just the beginning.
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Art and the Vineyard – Eugene, Oregon Travel Guide
From people-watching to wine-tasting to art-sampling to eating, the annual 3-day
Art and the Vineyard is a grassy-park good time that'll leave you ...
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Oregon Country Fair – Eugene, Oregon Travel Guide
Do not jump on the glowsticks. Repeat: do not jump on the glowsticks. Find out
why, when you slap on your sandals, paint your breasts, and return to the 60s ...
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What’s There to Do in a Eugene July? – Eugene, Oregon Travel Guide …
It's a fine, eventful month to be here. Art and the Vineyard, the Oregon Bach
Festival, and the Oregon Country Fair are but 3 reasons why.
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